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Explosion Venting/Suppression Q&A

  •   If a plant is processing multiple (pharmaceutical) products that feed to a single dust collector, what would the recommended sampling plan be in order to send samples for Kst/MIE/MEC testing. The concern is that it cannot be guaranteed what combination of materials will be present and that they may not represent the worst case sample for testing. Also, will Kst/MIE/MEC results be sufficient for evaluating the design requirements for suppression and dust collector venting?

    Answered December 7th, 2015 by Expert: Dr. Gerd Mayer

    Generally, we recommend that whatever sampling system you use, you do so with a goal of getting the worst case scenario: highest Kst, highest pmax, lowest MIE, Lowes MEC. Generally, we can say that mixing dry powder will likely not result in a synergistic reaction, so usually the individual parameters of each material you use can be your guide to determine the worst case scenarios.

    Having said that, I recommend you contact Fauske & Associates, Burr Ridge, IL. (630) 323-8750, or your preferred source for testing dusts. They will provide you with a step by step approach to collecting the dust given your specific applications, material combinations and circumstances. You need to let them know if there are solvents involved and any other complicating factors. Remember, by the time the dust is received by Fauske there may not be any trace of the solvents, so complete information regarding the possibility of a hybrid mixture in the process is important.