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Mixing & Blending Q&A

  •   Can you make a discharge station that will work with my bins even if they were purchased from another company?

    Yes, many times we make our fill/discharge stations to accommodate a wide variety of bins from other manufacturers. The critical points include the discharge size, type and height as well as the overall height of the bin. The bin sizes or base sizes do not necessarily need to be the same but in all cases containment is vital, to operator safety as well as the product integrity. Whether it is a high potency compound or a flour mixture, keeping a clean shop is important to everyone involved. Not to mention the fact that often times the material involved is costly or the particles are particularly dangerous. Containment is of primary importance and each challenge is unique. That’s why we firmly believe in a custom approach for every client. After all, air quality and safety for operators are at stake. When retrofitting, manual discharge versus automation is also a consideration.  But in any case, it can be done, and Custom Powder has probably done it.