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Dust Collection Q&A

  •   Currently we are collecting dust and fumes from a process that laser cuts adhesive paper. We are using an Amano PIE30 and are clogging filters within a weeks time. We believe that the adhesive from the paper is sticking to the filters and not coming off when the system cycles a purge. I am currently at a loos on how to maintain filter life while collecting what may be sticky dust particles that render the filter purging useless.

    Answered February 11th, 2016 by Expert: Diane Cave, P.Eng

    There could be many different things going on here.

    One – as stated it could be the adhesive on the paper.  This could be helped/solved with a particular coating on the bags such as an membrane finish or an oleo-phobic finish.  Oleo-phobic finishes are typically for oily materials, but I have used them in different applications, some sticky, and have had good success.

    Two – It may not be the stickiness of the paper that is holding it to the filter.  It may be static electricity.  If everything is not bonded and grounded on the dust collector and ducting system it should be.

    Three – Filter material may just not be designed for this application and something along the lines of a wet scrubber may be more appropriate.