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Magnets and Magnetic Separation Q&A

  •   We need to remove all ferrous from recycled tires. The product comes from furnace (after carbonization) on a conveyor belt. After the belt we have a 2 m hopper chute followed by a 1.5 m vertical pipe. The allgaier screen takes out particles >5mm. Fine fraction leaves via 150 mm diam. outlet in to 1.5 m vertical pipe to packing station. The throughput is 850 kg/h (1/3 is ferrous; mainly wire about 20 to 80 mm long). What magnets would you recommend for an efficient separation?

    Answered September 25th, 2012 by Expert: Dennis O'Leary

    Our engineers would suggest as a first step the installation of an overhead magnet after the furnace and above the initial conveyor. If you mounted this magnet in an inline configuration at the head pulley and build a collection chute, the magnetic circuit should assist in shaking some of the imbedded wires free. There will likely be some carry-over of rubber into the collection chute, but this will get the bulk of the wire.
    The second step is to place a magnetic drum separator in a position to work in conjunction with the allgaier screener. If the particles >5mm need to be metal free, place the drum before the screener; if only the particle <5mm need to be metal free, place it after the screener. Post screener is the ideal location as it will create a consistent, metered flow across the face of the drum for optimal metal capture. We would suggest a self-cleaning package on these magnets to maximize your facility’s operational efficiency.